Fixed Wing, Drone Photography, RPA Sub 2kg CASA (Excluded Category)

FIXED WING (Aeroplane) Endorsement Training for below 7kg (variation to existing licence – operation only).

IAS Pty Ltd is now approved to train for RPA Additional Category Aeroplane (Fixed Wing). This is a different RPA Category to multirotor.

For those experienced on fixed wing model aircraft. 

Not experienced on fixed wing model aircraft? CALL US TO CHAT. M: 0402 755 642 – anytime.

All credit cards accepted. Contact us for cost and details.

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THIS NIGHT VISUAL LINE of SIGHT (N-VLOS) assessment covers skills and knowledge required to operate an RPA at night time. This assessment is for previous students of IAS PTY LTD who are eligible to operate under our ReOC. A certificate will be issued.

COST: $100 per person. This includes GST. All credit cards accepted.

WHAT TO BRING: Your own drone.

TRAINING dates for 2018:  

  • October 13,
  • November 10,
  • December 8,

    VENUE: Sutherlands Park, Huntingdale.

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    DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE – 1 Night Monthly 6:30-8:30pm
    Classes of up to 6 students.

    COST: $80.00. This includes a book of the lesson. All credit cards accepted.

    Who Can Attend?

    • Anyone with a drone licence. In other words, this session is not just for ‘drone pilots’ parse; but is for anyone using a drone already i.e: wedding photography etc. or anyone using any drones for any photography.
    • Anyone with experience such as a sub 2kg person that has been flying and needs knowledge re photography.

      Everyone does need to know how the drone camera works before attending.

    VENUE: Minovation Flying School building, 10 Eagle Drive, Jandakot airport.


    • September 17
    • October 22,
    • November 19,
    • December 17

    WHAT TO BRING: A laptop/tablet or pen and paper.

    What the Course Entails: This course is intended for people who understand how to use their drone, but are new to photography, and want to learn the theoretical & technical fundamentals in order to take a great shot.

    • More specifically we will cover key theoretical concepts that will assist with composing better shots including but not limited to framing, rule of thirds and leading lines.
    • We will also cover technical aspects including shutter speed, ISO, aperture & white balance so that users can move from auto to manual mode.
    • Finally we will reveal how to edit photos in post processing in order to make colours punch and photos standout.
    • A book is given to students on the night.

    As you can imagine there is a lot packed into this session, and believe it is well worth the investment in order to accelerate your drone photography skills.

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    SUB-2kg Recreational – for recreational flying.

    OR Flying Sub-2kg (for those wishing to fly commercially without a licence (‘excluded’ category)

    Ideal for:

    • The recreational drone pilot.
    • Those wishing to fly Sub-2kg commercially without a Remote Pilot Licence – ‘excluded’ category. Just register with CASA. There are certain conditions. An ARN is necessary to begin operating.
    • School students (eligible for an ARN); families.
    • Companies & businesses who only need to use the below 2kg drones.
    • Individuals, just needing some information about their new drone.
    • CASA recommends applicants for the ‘Excluded Category’ seek training from a RPA training provider. IAS Pty Ltd is a certified CASA training provider.

    There are 2 options available to you.

    1. Purchase the current Sub-2kg Reference Guide. “All you need to know in a nutshell” then LEARN & PRACTICE. Email: [email protected] for more information or just visit to purchase a hard copy or download. The Chief Remote Pilot of IAS Pty Ltd is the author of the Sub-2kg manual, which is proving extremely popular.

    2. Purchase the current Sub-2kg Reference Guide (see above email and website), then come and do 2 hours field training with us – email IAS for this part.

    3. Group bookings: The Sub-2kg Reference Guide + 2 hours field training at a discount price. Great value for business using below 2kg drones.

    Purpose of field training for the Sub-2kg? To demonstrate how a drone can be flown to a safe standard with an understanding of emergency operations.

    2018 2-hour field training dates:

    • October 13,
    • November 10,
    • December 8.

    Contact us for bookings