Interspacial Aviation Team Bio

Jimmy Mitton


Jimmy completed his Commercial Pilot Licence in 1968 in South Africa and still flies his own Tiger Moth. He served with South African Airways for 43 years, flying as a Flight Engineer in many aircraft including the B707 & B747 before retiring in 2001. His engineering qualifications include:

  • LAME (Electrical X) – 1963.
  • Flight Engineer.
  • Flight Engineer Instructor Rating.
  • Certified Civil Aviation Authority Testing Officer.
  • Methodology of Instruction (SAA).
  • Certificate IV Training & Assessment (TAE40110). He continues to lecture part-time in ATPL theory.

Jimmy is a Director of Interspacial Aviation Services Pty Ltd; and is the Maintenance Controller and RPA Instructor.


Alex is a valued member of our team.

His qualifications include:

  • Fully qualified RePL/AROC Holder and private contractor for several years focusing primarily on aerial imagery.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Film/TV/Journalism, with specialisations in Audio and Cinematography/Photography.
  • 5+ Years experience in Sales and Marketing. 
  • Full knowlege of the DJI range and proficiency with systems and operations.

  • Past clients for aerial imagery incliude real estate agents, charities, news organisations, and town councils. Owner / Operator of Flying Dingo Drones


Alex is an Assistant Instructor, Technical Adviser and Technology consultant. 

Lydia Mitton