James has been in professional aviation since starting his career as an Apprentice LAME specialising in Aircraft Electrics in 1959 with South African Airways. In 1979 James became a Flight Engineer Instructor, in addition to continuing to fly as a Line Flight Engineer. As an Instructor James has conducted both in-flight training and simulator training for Flight Engineers and ran ground conversion courses for both pilots and the engineers on Boeing 727 and 747 aircraft for 22 years. In 2014 became one of the Co-founders of Interspacial Aviation Pty Ltd.


Alex graduated in 2000 from Curtin University with a Bachelor of arts, majoring in Film and Television and Journalism.  Alex worked as a freelance Sound Designer/Post Production Sound engineer and Music composer, contracting to the local film, corporate and advertising market.  Later working as Lead Sound Designer for video game studio, Interzone Games, a US based LLC with their main studio in Perth, and going on to found his own business, “Flying Dingo”, focused on producing high quality drone imagery and video for the general public and industry alike. The company operates to this day, however at present the majority of Alex’s time is dedicated to contracting to IAS as an instructor. Alex joined Interspacial as a contractor field instructor in late 2019, eventually going on to also assisting in lecturing theory units.


Amos studied Aviation in high school and completed the theory component of the PPL and basic flight training there. Since then he has worked in education both in Australia and abroad with secondary and tertiary students and with adults. He has over 12 years of classroom experience and recently worked as a lecturer of Effective Communication for UWA. Amos has been with Interspatial since the start of 2021 and is involved in both the development and delivery of the theoretical and practical components training.