Interspacial Aviation Team Bio


Chief Remote Pilot/CPL/RA-AUS Senior Instructor/Level 2 Maintainer

Stewart gained his Commercial Pilots Licence in 1968 & joined the Dept. of Civil Aviation as a Flight Service Officer in 1969; serving in Papua New Guinea and Australia for a total of 13 years.

  • Stewart has owned and operated an RA-Aus flying school in the 1990’s.
  • Built, owned & restored various RA-Aus aircraft & is currently still doing so.
  • Continues to do flight instruction on the side, along with recreational flying; maintaining aircraft (Level 2); doing Bi-enniel reviews, conversions, aircraft inspections and the like.
  • Author of the RA-Aus approved Flight Training Manuals (for those wishing to gain their Recreational Pilot Licence & the RA-Aus PIlot Certificate)
  • Author of the CASA approved RPAS training manual (for those wishing to gain their Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) on drones); author of the Reference Guide for those wishing to fly Sub-2kg multirotors, either for recreational or restricted commercial drone operations. His material is used in classroom situations for the Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) students & for the Sub-2kg students.

Stewart is presently enjoying being the Chief Remote Pilot for Interspacial Aviation Services Pty Ltd, a Company conducting training for the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (drone) industry. He is also a Director of the Company.



Jimmy completed his Commercial Pilot Licence in 1968 in South Africa and still flies his own Tiger Moth. He served with South African Airways for 43 years, flying as a Flight Engineer in many aircraft including the B707 & B747 before retiring in 2001. His engineering qualifications include:
  • LAME (Electrical X) – 1963.
  • Flight Engineer.
  • Flight Engineer Instructor Rating.
  • Certified Civil Aviation Authority Testing Officer.
  • Methodology of Instruction (SAA).
  • Certificate IV Training & Assessment (TAE40110). He continues to lecture part-time in ATPL theory.

Jimmy is a Director of Interspacial Aviation Services Pty Ltd; and is the Maintenance Controller and RPA Instructor.

Assistant Instructor and Technical Advisor


Abraham is a valued member of our team.

His qualifications include:

  • Certificate 11 in Computer Design.
  • Certificate 11 in Engineering.
  • Full knowledge of the DJI range and knows the Systems and Operations.
  • Works part-time at Elk Fish Robotics (DJI Specialists) in Fremantle.

Lydia Mitton


June Maddigan