Information Sheet

CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Multirotor up to 25kg
5-day Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Training Course

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the CASA certified Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training course.

Why Train with Us?

  • We have been over six years in the business; from when CASA first created the courses.
  • We automatically train to the higher 25kg qualification.
  • All subjects are covered comprehensively in a friendly learning environment by professional, experienced aviators. This is becoming more and more important as RePL pilots are regularly mixing in with manned aircraft airspace.
  • The field training includes use of multirotor up to 25kg and work on the FPV tablet presentation.
  • Types of drones used during field training include: DJI Phantoms, Inspire, Matrice M600, Mavic, 3DR Solo and others.
  • Our Radio (AROC) course covers real-world communications around aerodromes.
  • We are up to date with the new CASA certified curriculum theory material.
  • A Certificate of Completion will be issued as a CASA requirement.

The CASA requirement is for the student to have logged 5 hours of drone flying by the end of the course (this includes any private drone/model flying you may have done previously).

Once completed, this training course will give you your Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) on multirotor RPA’s up to 25kg & the qualification to work commercially for a drone company (ReOC); or to be Chief Remote Pilot for your own ReOC.

When: Monthly over a 5-day period; Monday to Friday.

Where: Classroom theory is at the Royal Aust. Aero Club, 41 Eagle Drive, Jandakot Airport.

 8:30am to 5:30pm. Maximum of 6 students per class.

  • Field training is at Sutherlands Park, Huntingdale (corner Southern River Rd & Gay Street. Use Gay Street entrance.)

Cost: $2970 per person which includes

  • GST, CASA fees, Radio (AROC & GELP), CASA certified training material, handouts, main lunches & refreshments.

A deposit can be made with full payment required by the commencement of the course.

Group bookings
6 students attract a ‘student free’ discount. Please click on the GROUP BOOKINGS BOX to enquire. 

2020 Training Course Dates:

  • Please see calendar on Registration page

Please read the following for information regarding;

  • Applying for your ARN.
  • Phonetic Alphabet.
  • Apps to be downloaded before the Course.

Applying for your Aviation Reference Number (ARN)

  • This will be your CASA unique identifier.
  • Please go to and apply for your INDIVIDUAL ARN (prior to attending the RePL training course).
  • You will need to have an ARN for the Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training Course.

Phonetic Alphabet: This is to be learnt before attending the 5-day RePL training course.

Apps to be Downloaded before the Course

  • OzRunways,
  • DJI GO and DJI GO 4

Gaining your own Operator’s Certificate (ReOC)

  • Note: When you attend our 5-day RePL training course the procedure for gaining your own Operator’s Certificate is explained.

This ReOC procedure information is also explained  under Courses (top of page) and click on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator Certificate (ReOC).