Information Sheet

CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
Short Course – Multirotor up to 25kg

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Short Course – multirotor up to 25kg for the RePL.

This Course will give you a Remote Pilot Licence. You will then be able to pilot a Remotely Piloted Aircraft on commercial operations.

  • This course applies to those with prior aviation knowledge and who have passed the RPL or PPL theory exam.     
  • A person who holds or has held: A flight crew licence or an Air Traffic Control licence (civil or military) and/or a Command Instrument Rating is taken to satisfy the points above.
  • The qualification for Commercial Operations of RPA (drone) is to have logged 5-hours with a Basic RPAS Training Provider (such as IAS Pty Ltd)
  • We train a maximum of two students, to give quality time on the field.    

PLEASE NOTE: A copy of your Pilot Licence is to be emailed to [email protected] before attending this course.

When, Where, Dates

  • 2-hour evening classroom theory is held monthly on Mondays from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Royal Aust. Aero Club, 41 Eagle Drive, Jandakot Airport.
  • The new CASA certified curriculum theory material is used.
  • The flying training will take place over the following day or two to build up the required 5 hours.

Venue & Time for Field Training

  • Sutherlands Park, Huntingdale (corner Southern River Road & Gay Street. Use entry off Gay Street).
    This flying training coincides with our normal field training for our 5-day RePL training course students.
  • The Chief Remote Pilot will advise the time, depending on weather condition for the day.

2020 Dates for Classroom Theory

  • Please see Registration page to book dates.

Apps to be Downloaded before the Course

  • OzRunways,
  • DJI GO and DJI GO 4


$640 which includes GST & the CASA fee.

For information regarding gaining your own Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC), please scroll down under Courses (top of page) and click on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator Certificate (ReOC)