CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) – Multirotor up to 25kg

5 Day DroneTraining Course 


The qualification for the Commercial Operation of RPA (drone):

  • Basic Remote Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) training.
  • Fully integrated including theory and practical flying training.
  • Student receives his Remote Pilot Licence (RePL).
  • Available to people with no prior aviation experience.

Theory Units Include: Mission Preparation & Planning, Flight Rules, Radio, Navigation, Human Performance, Regulations & Policies, Meteorology, Flight Operations, RPA Systems & Energy, Aircraft Radio Operator Certificate, English Language Proficiency. Plus……..

Venue: Minovation Flying School building (opposite Royal Flying Doctor building), 10 Eagle Drive, Jandakot Airport, Jandakot, Perth WA 6164

Practical flying training is conducted within the 5 days, at a local park. Our students get to fly various models from the P3, P4 Mavic, Inspire, Matrice M600: including work on the FPV tablet operation. 5 hours is required to meet the CASA requirement.

COST:  $2700 + GST (total being $2970). Pay only $500 deposit then the balance is due before the course commences OR $500 deposit & a payment plan. Please contact us for details. All credit cards accepted/Companies invoiced. 

The cost includes all CASA fees, radio licence (AROC) & the English language proficiency test, CASA approved current training manual, classroom material, main lunches, morning & afternoon refreshments. Group discounts available. Contact us for details.

COUNTRY STUDENTS: Accomodation available near Jandakot airport through Air B & B. Please view Air B & B Jandakot area on the web.

2018 Drone Training Course Dates 

  • December 10-14

2019: Drone Training Course Dates

  • January 21-25
  • February 18-22
  • March 11-15
  • April 1-5
  • May 6-10
  • June 17-21
  • July 15-19
  • August 12-16
  • September 9-13
  • October 14-18
  • November 11-15
  • December 9-13

Maximum of 7 students per training course. Why not book early to secure a place? Contact us for bookings & info.



Local park – RePL field training

Excited……eager to learn 🙂

Just one of our lunchtime venues: Jandakot Airport

Field training now easier…..

Jandakot Airport – RePL drone training course completed

Field training ‘set-up’ with Abraham, our Assistant Instructor & Technical Advisor

CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) 1 Day DroneTraining Course – Multirotor up to 25kg

For those WITH prior aviation knowledge and who have passed the exam for the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) or the Private Pilot Licence (PPL).


The qualification for Commercial Operations of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA):

  • You need to log five hours with a basic RPAS drone training provider (such as IAS Pty Ltd), to get ‘type’ rated and gain your RePL.
  • Comprehensive field training, including a training manual.

COST: $640.00 includes GST and CASA fees. All credit cards accepted.

Contact us for bookings & info.


This is for people who have completed their RePL with another drone school and only have the 7kg rating. This half day course will extend you up to 25kg.

COST: $300.00 includes  $40 CASA fee.  All credit cards accepted.

    Contact us for bookings & info.