FEEDBACK from Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (drone) TRAINING COURSE STUDENTS


RE: 1 day ‘type’ training course for PPL/RPL pilots: “I just wanted to thank all of you there for the very enjoyable RePL course yesterday. Very relaxed, informative and interesting. And great egg sandwiches at lunchtime too. I thought the delivery of the information was spot on and am very happy that I picked you to do my course with. I may come back to you soon for your opinions on the most seful/practical/value for money machine”. (S.S)

RE: 5 day RePL training course:

“The instructors were knowledgeable and always willing to stop and explain something in a bit more depth to allow full comprehension by all members on the Course. The grounds where the flying training was undertaken was perfect for what was needed by the students, it allowed us to focus on piloting with minimal distractions or obstacles.” (T.R)

“Friendly learning environment. Comprehensive coverage of all subjects” (A.P) “Great format.” (B.P) “Relaxed, informal environment which facilitates open discussion and questioning.” (B.W)

“Very knowledgeable presenters, very easy to listen to and stay engaged. Enjoyed learning the new materials and aviation theory. I loved the Papua flight stories. Fantastic and encouraging testimonials.” (D.S)

“Nice setup. Good flow of information and well explained. Flying training – as a beginner, the help of the hosts was much appreciated.” (F.V)

“Excellent facilities & relaxed environment for learning. Instructors always willing to assist & clarify in any way. Clear & concise presentation of extensive subject matter. Lots of anecdotal stories enhanced the overall experience. Flying training matched the level of classroom training. This made it very easy to learn & better understand flight & aircraft control. Quickly learnt the basics of aviation radio communications. Again the level of instruction was excellent.” (C.T)

“Great balance between each of the lecturers. Sometimes feeding off one another with a bit of humour. Subject units all comprehensively dealt with. Reckon I could now fly a B52 Bomber or an F111 flighter jet! Plenty of opportunity to ask questions.” (N.B)

I am pleased to tell you I have been granted recently my own ReOC to maintain, Chief Remote Pilot status achieved. The CASA assessment process really drove home and solidified the RePL training provided by Interspacial, thank you for all your help, training and guidance. (B.P.)

Pleasant & stress free; very concise; great to use a variety of drone sizes; good fun. (F.B)

Very well run; most enjoyable. (J.W)

Comfortable work area; well presented & great knowledge; plenty of practice time during flying training. (T)