COVID-19 UPDATE 27th June 2021: CLASSES WILL PROCEED! Please ensure you wear a mask, sign in and maintain  social distancing! If you have a medical exemption from wearing a mask, please advise our staff before showing up. 

  • We have moved to new rooms at the Royal Aust. Aero Club (RACWA), 41 Eagle Drive, Jandakot 6164. 
  • We will continue to sanitise and practice hygiene in line with all Govt. recommendations.
  • Prior to the training course, all students are required to self-declare that they are free from flu-like symptoms, have not been in contact with any COVID-19 infected cases and have not been outside the State of WA in the preceeding days.

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Interspacial Aviation: CASA Certified Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAS) Training Course Providers

IAS Pty Ltd is a Western Australian based CASA certified drone training company (ReOC.0075) and the first in WA to offer RePL training, with some 9 years experience in the industry.

Having a close relationship with CASA, we are able to provide the most up to date advice and keep up with with the ever changing regulations and interpretations.

Our manned aircraft commercial pilots and experienced RPA Service operators, provide professional training & on-going local support and advice.

There is now more and more integration between manned aircraft and RPA, so it is important that the student have as much exposure to the aviation community as possible. 

We are an approved Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator Certificate (ReOC) holder and we service and manage contractors Australia-wide.

We use and keep updated the CASA Certified Curriculum theory material.

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     We take pride in being able to deliver professional, industry standard training, & the ‘know-how’ to take your drone business to a ‘higher level’.

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    CASA certified training courses available





    1. Remotely Piloted Aircraft Licence (RePL) issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).


    To pilot a drone (RPA), also called an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), for commercial gain in Australia, you must obtain a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL).


    This certification allows individuals to fly for operators, who need to hold a Remote Operator’s Certificate (ReOC).


    2. Short Course – Multirotor up to 25kg for the CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL). For those with prior aviation or flight crew certification e.g. RPL, PPL or CPL.


    3. Additional Weight-class Multirotor upgrade to <25kg           (a variation to an existing RePL).


    4. Fixed Wing Qualification for <7kg (variation to existing licence)


    5. RPA Sub-2kg CASA ‘Excluded’ category, field training and CASA accreditation guidance. For limited commercial operation.


    6. Night Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) Assessment.


    7. GROUP BOOKINGS for the RPA Sub-2kg (this involves classroom and field training).


    8. GROUP BOOKINGS for the 5-day Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training course.


    9. GROUP BOOKINGS for the 2-day Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) short course.




    ANY QUESTIONS?   Contact us via this website or by phone or email.








    Commercial Use of Drones

    RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) utilise cutting edge technology to provide brilliant high definition video and high resolution stills for a multitude of purposes.

    Its no secret aerial photography has exploded with high end property professionals and with technology accelerating at such an enormous rate, the competitive advantage is now available to everyone.

    A birds eye view gives a sense of space and location for any property while highlighting proximity to infrastructure and amenities.

    Aerial platforms  are rapidly becoming vital tools for businesses looking to more efficiently collect information crucial to their operations.

    any inspections need to be conducted by personnel getting into precarious positions and because of size can be difficult, timely, costly and unsafe.

    Typically, drones have GPS, proximity sensors, 3D mapping software high-definition cameras. So can provide videos and photos of rust and cracks so engineers can safely inspect the footage for defects.

    WHERE & WHEN You can Fly Your Drone


    • You can fly your drone anywhere not above 400ft; except, you must not fly within 3nm (5.2km) of an aerodrome that has an active Air Traffic Control.
    • You must not fly over a non-controlled aerodrome or under its runway approach paths.
    • You may fly in military or restricted airspace but only with approval from the local airspace authority. The ReOC holder that you fly for will organize this approval.
    • Night flying is now permitted with conditions.

    Jimmy Mitton


    As mentioned above, our dedicated team of CASA certified RPA (drone) controllers have extensive experience in the commercial aviation industry, holding current GA Commercial Pilot Licences and are therefore well able to deliver professional, industry standard training.


    (please view more feedback comments under ‘Flying Drones/RPA in Aust’  see top of page heading))

    (Excerpt from a student feedback which is in full on the feedback page)

    Theory Presentation “first class, interesting & engaging. Some of the subject matter was difficult to comprehend at times, but any issues raised were quickly dealt with and addressed to everyone’s satisfaction.

    Flying Training “The best part of all! How awesome was it to fly a number of different aircraft & being able to compare the abilities of each, thoughout numerous flying conditions, with the support of experienced pilots & other students with varying skills interacting to share their knowledge.

    Radio (AROC) “….there was enough infomation in there to enlighten us to how the world of aviation radio communication works and the ability to participate with confidence.

    General Comments “An excellent introduction to an everchanging & evolving industry. Professionally presented. I look forward to a long & rewarding relationship with you and fellow students.” (K.D.)

    “Great course and I learned so much. FYI, I was on a small charter flight on the weekend between a remote aboriginal community and Ayers Rock. During  the flight, I had plenty of questions to ask the pilot about airspace, radio usage and how he was getting the most out of Oz Runways. Great to go through the theory while actually in the air”. (P.B)

    Flying Training: “Well handled us with all levels of flying experience, fixed wing included. I really liked flying the larger (faster & heavier) multirotors. Great experience.” (B.M.)

    “The grounds where the flying training was undertaken was perfect for what was needed by the students, it allowed us to focus on piloting with minimal distractions or obstacles.” (T.R)

    “Friendly learning environment. Comprehensive coverage of all subjects” (A.P)

    “Great format.” (B.P). Flying training: “Great support and instruction from experienced and well qualified pilots. Hands-on experience with small & large drones.” Radio (AROC): Thorough and invaluable in-class practice sessions. General comments: “A very thorough practical and theoretical course that was very enjoyable and engaging.” (A.P.)