Remotely piloted aircraft operator certificate (ReOC )

Gaining your own Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator’s Certificate (ReOC)

IAS Pty Ltd is a CASA approved ReOC holder. We have contractors operating Australia-wide and can give extensive information and answer all queries in this regard. 

Gaining your own Operator’s Certificate (ReOC) is not a requirement for the Remote Pilot Licence (RePL). You can still fly for someone else’s ReOC; or operate under the authority of someone else’s ReOC as an independent contractor.

There is no extra course needed for the gaining of an Operator Certificate. 

Information about gaining a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operators Certificate (ReOC):

If you want to fly a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) commercially in Australia, outside the ‘excluded’ category, then you need to be licenced and/or certified.

This Certification comes in the form of a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), allowing individuals to fly for commercial operators, who in turn need to hold an RPA  Operator’s Certificate (ReOC).

Once you have gained your RePL, you may operate commercially for (or under the authority of) a ReOC holder; or apply to get your own ReOC certificate.

To gain a ReOC you must:

Go to  ; then find and download and do the following:

1. Complete Application Form 101-02 and Form 101-04.

2. Complete and submit;

  • supporting documentation (Form 101-02 and Form 101-04)
  • your RPAS Operations Manual and RPAS Operations Procedures (Library                                                                                                                                                             * these manuals are CASA templates already done for you; you only need to provide information pertinent to your commercial operation.

3. Pay the assessment fee when asked to by CASA.

4. Participate in a telephone interview with CASA;

  • a CASA inspector will arrange a time to telephone you.
  • you will be emailed a simulated drone job to prepare and plan; to be emailed back to the inspector before the appointment time.
  • the inspector will discuss on the telephone the simulated job and will discuss other regulatory matters.
  • the inspector will make a list of things you got wrong (called a Knowledge “Deficiency Report (KDR); to be emailed to you to rectify on the report; to return to the inspector.
  • Provided the inspector is happy with your response, he will issue your ReOC.