FEEDBACK from IAS students 


RE: 5-day RePL training course:

Theory presentation was first class, interesting & engaging. Some of the subject matter as difficult to comprehend at times, but any issues raised were quickly dealt with and addressed to everyon’s satisfaction. Great work Stewart & Jimmy! Loved the sharing of real-life experiences!” (K.D.)

Flying training – “The best part of all! How awesome was it to fly a number of different aircraft & being able to compare the abilities of each, throughout numerous flying conditions, with the support of experienced pilots and other students with varying skills interacting to share their knowledge. I could have spent days enjoying & learning from this type fo environment.” (K.D.)

Radio (AROC): “I’m sure we only just touched the tip of the iceburg, but there was enough information in there to enlighten us to how the world of aviation radio communication works and the ability to participate with confidence.” (K.D.)

General Comments: “An excellent introduction to an everchanging & evolving industry. Professionally presented by people who have experience deeply engrained in the core industry of aviation. Effectively providing us with the tools & support to go forth in the UAV industry & prosper. Thankyou team “Spacial Aviation” not only for the dedication provided to the students, many of which are embarking on an exciting journey to fulfil their dreams, but also the ongoing family-like support. I look forward to a long & rewarding relationship with you & fellow students” (K.D).

2017, 2018

RE: 5 day RePL training course:

Classroom Environment; Theory PresentationGeneral Comments:

“Good diversity of people attending the Course and really able to ask questions. Enjoyed flying the larger drones” (B.S.)

“Good class size & right environment for learning. Presentation very good.” (B.S.)

“Fantastic, well prepared and professional learning experience” (P.A)

“I did my Remote Pilot Licence course for multirotor RPAs with Interspacial as they offered a lot of bang for the buck with their affordable course fees but industrial-standard training platforms, including the DJI Inspire and Matrice 600. Throughout the course, no corners were cut. There was a very strong emphasis placed on safety as there was on RPA airmanship itself. The staff are friendly and very helpful with both the training as well as the administrative side of things. The instructors, Stewart, Jimmy and Abraham are highly experienced, professional, and knowledgeable in the field of drones and will get you up to speed in no time, oh, and June whips up an awesome lunch too! This is definitely the place to be to kick-start your career as a drone pilot. Highly recommended.” (S.W)

“I am pleased to tell you I have been granted recently my own ReOC to maintain, Chief Remote Pilot status achieved. The CASA assessment process really drove home and solidified the RePL training provided by Interspacial, thank you for all your help, training and guidance.” (B.P.)

“Great balance between each of the lecturers. Sometimes feeding off one another with a bit of humour. Subject units all comprehensively dealt with. Reckon I could now fly a B52 Bomber or an F111 flighter jet! Plenty of opportunity to ask questions.” (N.B)

“Excellent facilities & relaxed environment for learning. Instructors always willing to assist & clarify in any way. Clear & concise presentation of extensive subject matter. Lots of anecdotal stories enhanced the overall experience”. (C.T)

“Very knowledgeable presenters, very easy to listen to and stay engaged. Enjoyed learning the new materials and aviation theory. I loved the Papua flight stories. Fantastic and encouraging testimonials.” (D.S)

“Classroom environment was fine, everyone was extremely friendly & understanding with each students learning capabilities.” Thanks guys. (A.H.)

“Classroom was well set out and comfortable”. (R.W). “Great format.” (B.P)

“Pleasant & stress free; very concise; great to use a variety of drone sizes; good fun.” (F.B) 

“Comfortable work area; well presented & great knowledge; plenty of practice time during flying training.” (T)

“Nice setup. Good flow of information and well explained”. (F.V.)

“Friendly learning environment. Comprehensive coverage of all subjects” (A.P)

“Theory component presented in a professional & entertaining manner. Their enthusiasm & extensive knowledge really helped to make sometimes complex subject matter easier to assimilate” (R.B.)

“Relaxed, informal environment which facilitates open discussion and questioning.” (B.W)

“Friendly! Love Stewart’s question’ & Jimmy’s joke, traditional OZ environment. Great food & lunch. As a English as second language I still can understand most of the content” (S.T.)

“Both instructors were fully experienced and knowledgeable about what they were teaching. They also had good skills in teaching and explain the complicated subject into an easy and understandable form”. (H.T.)

“Interactive classes with breaks scheduled kept the class entertained. I got a lot out of it personally. (J.G.)

Flying Training:

“Excellent grounds, Professional Instructors” (P.A)

“I had no previous flying experience so was apprehensive about this aspect of the course. Stewart & Abraham’s guidance & patience allowed me to develop my abilities at my own pace.” (R.B.)

“Really good. I had no prior experience and was started on the basic manoeuvres with good direction, and moved up at a steady pace.” (E).

“It was great to fly multiple types of drones”. (J.G.)

Flying training – as a beginner, the help of the hosts was much appreciated.” (F.V)

“Flying training matched the level of classroom training. This made it very easy to learn & better understand flight & aircraft control”. (C.T.)

“The grounds where the flying training was undertaken was perfect for what was needed by the students, it allowed us to focus on piloting with minimal distractions or obstacles.” (T.R)

“Flying training was great fun. Very intuitive and no one crashed.” (A.H.)

“Flying was the highlight of the course, very hands on & included practical tips for actual RPA operations. It was also great to experience a wide range of different UAV models/sizes.” (R.W.)

“Flying training was fun and most enjoyable part. Both Jimmy and Stewart were patient with non-experienced students and provide 1 to 1 training where it was necessary.” (H.T.)

Radio (AROC) “Felt comfortable and not uneasy doing the practical components with a good examiner in Min. I think the course was great with Stewart & Jimmy being very experienced instructors and fantastic teachers.” (J.G.)

“The English Proficiency Test was in the form of a relaxed conversation & was the perfect lead in to the practical assessment.” (R.B.)

“I found this very interesting, just the whole scenario on how radio communications works in the aviation industry.” (B.S).

“All the practice made me more confident for the exam.” (E).

“Comfortable environment with professional standards” (P.A)

“Quickly learnt the basics of aviation radio communications. Again the level of instruction was excellent.” (C.T)

“Comprehensive and practice made us perfect.” (S.T.)